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  • The Best Coolers

    Taller. Higher Capacity.

  • No Contracts

    You'll see - it's a much easier way.

  • Save $$ Thousands

    We typically save customers 60%!

  • Pure Water

    And delicious!

Smart, Beautiful BottleLess Coolers For Offices, Warehouses And Homes

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Meet The Olympia

  • Taller: So, you don't have to bend for a drink

    The Olympia is 43" inches tall - up to 17" taller than other water coolers. This means that you won't have to bend down for a drink of water

  • Large Opening To Easily Refill Sports Bottles

    The Olympia has a large opening in between the dispensing area and the drip tray. So, you can easily fit your refillable bottles

  • Internal Filter Included

    Easy to change right from the front. Many bottleless coolers have filters just hanging off of the back.

  • Energy Star Certified

    And, UL, too!

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  • On Sale Now - for $399 $299! (Includes Everything.)

Be Counter Productive With The MINI

  • Only 17.5" Tall

    Trying to find more floor space? The MINI is your answer. Pure water at your fingertips right next to your coffee brewer.

  • Instant Hot & Cold Water

    The MINI offers the same great on-demand hot and cold pure water - but in a space saving design.

  • Same Cold Water Capacity

    The MINI has the same cold water capacity as our Denali cooler - even though it is smaller in size.

  • Energy Star Certified

    And, UL, too!

Everest: The Extra, Extra High Capacity Cooler

  • Even Higher Capacity

    If your new bottleLess cooler is going to be located in a high traffic area such as a busy waiting room or a warehouse, you may want to consider the Everest. It has twice the capacity as our Denali cooler (which is also commercial grade).

  • Large Alcove

    Fill your sports bottles and coffee pots.

  • Internal Filter

    Easy to change filter right from the front access panel.

  • Energy Star Certified

    And, UL, too!


Why spend thousands of dollars renting when you can own our incredible bottleLess coolers for as low as $299?

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There's No Comparison

Our Everest

Cost Over 5 Years With Filter Changes
Includes 2 filter changes per year
  • Taller

    No Bending Necessary

  • Larger Alcove

    Fits Sports Bottles

  • No Contracts

    You own the cooler

bottleless Competitor Outline


Cost Over 5 Years To Rent And Rent
Includes 1 filter change per year
  • Shorter

    Have to bend for your water

  • Small Alcove

    Difficult To Fill Sports Bottles & Coffee Pots

  • Contract

    Rentals require long term contracts

How Works

1) Choose

2) Get Set Up

3) Enjoy!

4) Change Filter

Just go to our SHOP page and choose your new bottleLess water cooler. You can purchase the cooler for as low as $299.

Either install your new BottleLess Water Cooler yourself – or we can have someone come out and do it for you. Just choose the installation option in your shopping cart.

Now that your bottleLess water cooler is all set up – just enjoy the pure water: instant steaming hot or chilly cold.

Just change the filter once or twice a year (Purchase Here). They're always available on our shopping cart and on Amazon.

Don't Be Shackled To A Lease With Our Competitor's Coolers. Own Yours And Save Thousands!

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Why throw thousands of dollars down the drain renting when you can own our incredible bottleLess coolers for as low as $299?

Cost To Rent Theirs Over 5 Years
Cost Of Ours Over 5 Years (With 2 Filter Changes/Year)

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