No Water Dispensing From Cooler?

Did you go to take a drink and your bottleless cooler isn't dispensing water? This video should have your up and running in no time. You can download the .pdf of the "No Water" manual by clicking the blue button.

When you use the videos, you can always pause and rewind certain aspects of the videos if you need time to complete a step.

Download "No Water" Troubleshooting Manual

Troubleshooting: No water is dispensing from BottleLess Cooler

This video shows how to fix the "no water" issue with an Everest cooler - but the concepts are the same for all of the coolers. 

Another Video Showing A Different Cooler (The Peak)

This video basically shows the same thing - but the demo is with a different cooler. Same concepts... 

"No Water" ManualOlder Version
BottleLess Water Cooler Filters

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