Denali BottleLess Support

These videos and manuals will help you get your Denali bottleless cooler set up quickly and clearly. You can download the .pdf of the Denali manual by clicking the blue button. When you use the videos, you can always pause and rewind certain aspects of the videos if you need time to complete a step.
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Step 1: Pre-Set Up Of Your Denali BottleLess Cooler

This first video shows you how to get your Denali bottleless water cooler ready for set up. You'll check some important things to make sure the set up goes smoothly.

For installation, you will need

  • A bucket or trash can (that can hold water
  • Scissors
  • Phillips-head screwdriver

Step 2: Setting Up Your Denali BottleLess Cooler With The XO5515 Filter (Included)

Once Step 1 is complete, and you've checked everything with the cooler, you're now ready for the final set up steps.

Troubleshooting: No water is dispensing from your Denali BottleLess Cooler

Did you go to take a drink and your bottleless cooler isn't dispensing water? This video should have your up and running in no time.

How To Change An M1000 Filter On Your BottleLess Cooler

Here is a step-by-step guide showing you how to change an M1000 filter on your cooler

How To Change An M1000 Filter To An XO5515 Filter

Need to change from using an M1000 filter to an XO5515 filter? Here is a step-by-step guide showing you how to do it.
BottleLess Water Cooler Filters

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